20 Ways To Promote Yourself As A Web Designer

Web Designers can often find it hard to get their name out there, and begin getting clients. Promotion doesn’t always have to cost money. I have compiled a list of how web designers can promote themselves, and get their name out there. Some of the ways require little to no effort, whilst others require much time. Either way, you will still receive more clients. If you would like to share any others you may have, drop a comment below.


Maintain a Website

If you maintain someone else’s website, the owner may spread the word about your services. You could maybe ask for a small link at the footer of their site, linking back to your site, which will gain some exposure.


Create a Blog

Creating a blog can bring in loads of traffic, and maybe even clients, says the Bluehat Marketing expert. If you write great content, other people will link back to it, and it will rank higher in search engines, so its a win win situation.


Network Online

Use online social networks such as facebook, twitter and digg to promote your blog articles, designing work, and do personal networking with other designer.


Create An Email Signature

Putting a signature in all your outgoing emails can generate alot of traffic, especially if you send alot of emails.


Purchase And Design Business Cards

Business cards can generate alot of business. If you have a nice eye catching design, and something that is unique, there will be more chance of people looking into your services than if you had a plain business card design.


Create a Portfolio

If you put up all your work into a nice online portfolio, clients will be able to see your work, and websites will link to your work if its of amazing quality.


Participate In Forum Discussions

Participating in forum discussions can generate buzz. If you have a clear standing opinion to many forum threads, people will begin to look into who you are, what websites you have etc. The forum threads will be in search engines, thus giving you long term promotion.


Get Personal

If you are personal and unique with your designs, people will see you as unique.



Contribute to open source projects / non profit online organizations. It looks great on your portfolio.


Create A Forum Signature

If you put your website link or even an image in your forum signature, and it looks eye catching, people will click it. Then you just have to post more threads, and reply to them, and it will get your link all over the forum.


Buddy Up

Get another web designer as your buddy. You can work together, give each other work and help each other out. Win win situation.


Blog Comments

Participating in blog discussion, by commenting on other peoples blog entries can give you traffic back to your blog. If you post a good comment that many people are likely to read, then you will get clicks.


Guest Post

The Internet is full of opportunity. Many bloggers big and small go on holiday, and love to take breaks. They might like you to guest post on their blog, and this means you can post link backs to your own site, when it says article written by. Especially if its a big blog you are guest posting on, you will gain loads of exposure.


Participate In Design Competitions

Don’t be shy. There are many websites such as 99designs and digitalpoint forums that hold design competitions. This can give you opportunity to showcase your work, and show people what your design skills are like.


Word Of Mouth

Tell people about your website and the services you offer. Your friends and family are sure to tell other people about you.


Get Yourself / Website In The News

Do something to get your website or yourself in the news / talked about over the blogosphere. Sponsor a charity event, turn your website upside down, it will work!


Trade Ads / Link Swap

Web Designers can help each other out. You can trade links and add them to each others blogroll, or even trade image ads such as 125 x 125px.


Develop A Relationship With All Your Clients

If you develop a personal relationship on a one to one base with all your clients, they will respect you and maybe even come back for more work or better yet, refer you to their friends.


Submit Your Work To Web Galleries

Web Galleries love great design work. Some web galleries online are immensely popular, so if your work gets on the front page of them, you will receive thousands of clicks back to your work, which means more clients. I learned this trick from a Singapore web design agency, they teamed up with a local web gallery, the combined exposure and buzz ended up with a real gallery opening, which I attended. So fun!


Hold Contests On Your Website

If you hold contests on your websites, people will tell other people about the contests if it has a great prize, and it will generate alot of online buzz.

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