You can also hire the best Mobile app development company in India

admin November 26, 2019

You want to make sure that you have the best for your business. And, having an App is one of the best ways to do that. The problem is that you should find a mobile app development company in India … Continued

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Open Source Software Went Nuclear This Year

admin December 30, 2015

OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE—SOFTWARE freely shared with the world at large—is an old idea. A guy named Richard Stallman started preaching the gospel in the early ’80s, though he called it free software. Linus Torvalds started work on Linux, the enormously successful … Continued

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India Is A Slow Data Market: Google Knows It, And You Should Too 268V

admin December 28, 2015

The conversation about Internet connectivity in India has been confined to the rise of 4G for a while now. Telcos like Airtel and Vodafone have already started 4G services in various cities, while everyone awaits Reliance Jio’s entry, hoping it … Continued

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Why Microsoft’s PowerApps is FrontPage for the app age

admin December 23, 2015

Earlier this month Microsoft, the company that brought the WISIWIG web page builder FrontPage to market in 1997 announced the availability of PowerApps, a codeless application development platform that enables non-developers to create apps for web and mobile. As web … Continued

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Facebook introduces new embedded video player API and support for oEmbed standard


In Order to help developers and publishers make their websites more social and engaging, Facebook has introduced a new embedded video player API and support for the oEmbed standard. Facebook users interact with videos, articles, posts and photos on the … Continued

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Microsoft will open source its ‘Chakra’ JavaScript engine

admin December 16, 2015

Microsoft has announced its decision to release its powerful ‘Chakra’ engine – used for JavaScript in the company’s Edge browser – to the open source community. Although not the most surprising open source news in the past week, that award goes … Continued

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Easy Continuous Delivery with ContinuousPHP and Zend Server

admin December 12, 2015

The SitePoint PHP blog has posted a tutorial from author Daniel Berman showing you how to combine the ContinuousPHP service with Zend Server to create a continuous deployment system for your PHP applications. The continuous delivery approach aims at making the process of continuously deploying code to … Continued

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Learn PHP 7, Find out What’s New, and More


Now that PHP 7 has been released, it’s time to catch up with what this new major version has to offer. In this tutorial from SitePoint you can learn about what the latest features and changes are in this release (including what … Continued

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Dennis Ritchie, creator of C, bids “goodbye, world”

admin November 30, 2015

Each day since Dennis Ritchie passed away my 1978 copy of “K&R” — The C Programming Language, by Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie — has glared balefully at me asking why I haven’t written something about his effect on my professional … Continued

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Four Ways To Build A Mobile Application: PhoneGap

admin February 11, 2014

This is the third installment in a series covering four ways to develop a mobile application. In previous articles, we examined how to build a native iOS and native Android tip calculator. In this article, we’ll create a multi-platform solution … Continued

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