Application Security Testing

Web, API and Mobile applications are the key entry point for attackers. Apps are often left vulnerable due of lack of secure coding, use of vulnerable 3rd party libraries or API’s, usage of outdated platform and releasing product without security assessment.

Web Application Security Testing

Web Application VAPT is a security testing method for identifying security loopholes or vulnerabilities in web applications. Due to these vulnerabilities, applications are often left vulnerable to exploitation. Nowadays, organizations are moving their business and applications on the web. These websites generally store critical business and client data which are the prime target for attacks. Attackers either seek to compromise the application, steal data, or target end-users accessing the web application. The result of compromise put client data at risk, financial damage & reputation loss of the organization.

Mobile Application Security Testing

In this emerging web word, 60% of applications are using Public and Private Application Program Interface (API) in their Web application & Mobile app to communicate with each other mainly for data sharing purposes. API-based apps may contain many critical severity vulnerabilities like authentication, Injection, and JSON web token-related vulnerabilities, etc. API Security testing can improve the security of API-enabled applications effectively by using in-depth manual & automated assessments.

API Security Testing

Mobile apps have a revolution; you can see from shopping to healthcare to banking everything is on the customer’s fingertip. This makes mobile apps a lucrative opportunity for attackers to gain large volumes of personal information. Our Mobile Application Security Assessment services discovery keep your business & customers secure against attacks.

Our process

Phase 1


Phase 2

Planning and

Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6


How we work

Information Gathering

In this stage we perform detailed reconnaissance about the application, its architecture, backend system, platform used and placed security controls.

Planning And Analysis

Based on the information gathered we plan our security testing approach and payloads on the provided environment.

Vulnerability Assessment

In this stage, we run vulnerability scanners to identify possible vulnerabilities and common vulnerabilities related to the platform, APIs, insecure 3rd party libraries and framework etc.

Penetration Testing

After interpreting the results from the vulnerability assessment, our penetration testers will use manual techniques, custom script and open source tools to exploit those vulnerabilities


We prepare detail report of the vulnerabilities discovered along its impact, threat level and recommendation to patch the vulnerability.


Our security experts discuss the report with development team of the client and explain them identified vulnerabilities respective impact and educate them on secure coding mythologies which helps them to patch reported vulnerabilities.


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