10 Google Chrome Hacks to Boost Efficiency

BENGALURU: The internet drives the hottest stocks on the Wall Street, shapes technological innovations and has become an integral part of our culture. It has changed the way we live and has created new ways for people to communicate and share information of a social nature. Communication is the most important factor shaping human history and our existence would be meaningless without the ability to communicate effectively. In today’s world everything is connected and we spend lots of time on the internet. With so much of time spent on the internet we need to maximize the output and make time for the things that we love. There are a number of extensions that can help one save time and enrich the browsing experience. Given below is a list of 10 apps that will help you streamline your browsing experience and free up your time.

1. Grammarly:

It’s an everyday experience for everyone when we suddenly become aware of a typographical error after sending an email. Grammarly works as a Grammar vigilante. It checks for spelling mistakes and eventually improves the quality of writing. It’s not just for Gmail but also works great on social media.

2. Simple Blocker:

Simple Blocker is a great extension for anyone who gets easily distracted by the things going around him and has a penchant for Facebook or Twitter. This extension allows one to block access to certain domains for a certain period of time (say 9 a.m. to 5p.m.) and gives you the freedom to concentrate on your work. Primarily, it was designed for students, but essentially it proves useful for everyone.

3. One Tab:

One Tab is a life saver for anyone who keeps a lot of tabs open at the same time. If it is overwhelming to have so many tabs open, then One Tab will take them and turn into a list, organized by date. It also frees up the computer memory.

4. Todoist:

Todoist is one of the most popular tools among the online community. It works across mobiles, tablets and desktops and helps in making sure that all tasks are done. The chrome extension lets you manage these straight from the toolbar, and adds functions like being able to save different pages as individual tasks. It has also got Gmail integration, which means you can push emails directly in your to-do list.

5. Google Similar Pages:

Google similar pages is the quickest and the easiest way to find the right website. The extension puts a little dropdown that helps you search similar pages without having to revert back to Google and search. This is quite useful when you are doing research or the site you jumped to wasn’t quite right. Just click on the extension icon and your browser will send a search query to Google to see which other pages match the one you’re viewing.

6. TimeStats:

TimeStats is nothing but an extension that gives the statistics about how you spend time on the internet. Once you download it, it can give you a monthly or daily breakdown depending on your priority. It notifies you about the time you were the busiest and also the total time you have had spent on the net.

7. StayFocusd:

This is one of the most popular extensions on Google Chrome. This is a brilliant extension for people who have a small attention span and are prone to distractions. It allows you to spend a determined amount of time to spend on websites like Facebook, Twitter or 9gag. You can configure your account to block entire sites and specific sub-domains or even specific in page content like videos and much more.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop gives you the opportunity to access other computers from your own and vice versa. It is also an easy way to share screen with someone else. If you have got the Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed, you can install the free iOS app and control your computer from your iPhone or iPad with ease.

9. Pocket:

Pocket is an easy way to save an article on your mobile, tablet or computer and access it when you have the time. You can access this from any of your devices. Just don’t lose track of the interesting things you find by emailing links or letting tabs pile up in your browser. Just save them to your pocket.

10. Chrome to Mobile:

Chrome to Mobile is an easy way to take home, whatever you’re working on at office, with you. The extension indues you to take live web pages with you and work on-the-go by replicating your desktop browser experience on the smartphones. Added benefit is, it works offline too.

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