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Internet searching and website browsing is something that we are doing on a regular basis. So many are browsing around, if they have nothing else to do, or if their work is up to date. But, they don’t always make use of their computers or laptops for browsing or using the internet. More and more people start to make use of their mobile phones and tablets. And not all of the websites are mobile-friendly.

This is where AMP comes in. This is making mobile internet browsing a lot faster and more efficient. And, this is something that websites should consider getting if they want to get the most benefits of AMP. For those that don’t know what this actually means, this is a complete guide that will give you all the information you need about it. 


What is AMP


First of all, what is AMP and what does it stands for. AMP actually means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Meaning to make internet pages for mobiles faster. Making it more compatible to use for mobile users, without the frustration that the internet is slow and freezing all the time.

It is basically to give high performance to all mobile internet users. Something that many people are struggling with on a daily basis. 


Why is this something that you should consider


Just think for one moment. You are searching for something online and go to a specific website. But then the pages load really slowly. You don’t really get to the pages that you need to get the necessary information you need. What will you do? Exit the website and look for one that is faster?

This is exactly what your clients and customers will do when you don’t consider Accelerated Mobile pages. Clients and viewers will get frustrated and will exit your website without making a purchase. You will lose potential clients and money at the end of the day. This is why this is something that everyone that has their own businesses and websites should consider. 


Features about AMP that you need to know about


If you are still wondering why AMP is something that you should consider, then these features about Accelerated Mobile pages will make it easier for you to make up your mind. These are some of the most important features of AMP that you need to know about.

  • This is the same as normal websites and users will not know the difference
  • Forms are not permitted on the Accelerated mobile pages
  • Pictures will only load when the page is scroll down. 
  • AMP extension is necessary if you want to make use of a video
  • Will ensure faster-browsing speed, on the necessary pages


Benefits of it for your business and website


There are many benefits of AMP that you should know. Especially, if you have a normal website and online business, that aren’t as mobile-friendly as what you might like it to be. If you are wondering if making use of Accelerated Mobile pages is worth the money you need to spend for it, these benefits will make it easier for you. 

  • The speed of a webpage is essential for the success of a business. Statistics show that if a page takes longer than three seconds, a potential buyer exits the page. Letting you lose a sale.
  • AMP is limited at the moment, but there are some changes planned in the future that will make it bigger, better and more efficient. Especially with the design of the webpages. 
  • If you have AMP, and your competitors don’t, clients will exit the competitor’s page and will enter your page. Giving you the sale. So, it is giving you a head start over your competitor’s pages. 

The benefits of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page. Something that is worth paying for. This is making sure that your mobile pages are loading faster than when your clients are using a computer for doing the research. The problem is that there aren’t many people that know about AMP, and therefore they aren’t using it correctly. With this guide, you are getting a complete guide about using the Accelerated Mobile pages to get the best speeds from your webpages, when someone is entering your website. This is something that will ensure that your site is successful and always full of traffic.

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