Optimizing GA4 Settings: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Exclude IP Addresses for Enhanced Analytics Precision

admin March 15, 2024


This blog guides you with simple steps about how to exclude IP addresses in GA4. Before going through the steps, let’s understand why do we need to exclude IP addresses in GA4


The basic idea of IP address exclusion is to improve the accuracy of data by removing test data. For example, you are a team and while implementing the tracking and after implementing the tracking your team is performing tests and validating the accuracy of data. When test data get recorded with real customer data it may damage the reporting and exclusion will improve the reports with real data only.


Let’s dive into the steps:


Step 1 : Click on gear icon (⚙) i.e. Admin


Click on Admin



Step 2 : Click on Data streams


Click on Data Streams



Step 3 : Select your website stream. Click anywhere on the stream card


Select your website stream and click on it



Step 4 : On your website stream page, scroll down and click on Configure tag settings


Click on Configure tag  setting



Step 5 : On configure tag settings page, scroll down and click on Show more


Click on show more



Step 6 : Click on Define internal traffic from the list


Click on define internal traffic



Step 7 : on Define internal traffic page, click on Create button


Click on create button



Step 8 : On create internal traffic rule page, there are form fields we need to fill in order to set up the IP exclusion


create internal traffic



Available match types till date


These are available match types



In my case I will select IP address equals but in your case you can choose a matchy type are your needs. For example, you if you a range of IP to exclude let’s say X.X.X.1 to X.X.X.255, then you should select IP address is in range (CIDR notation) and in value field it should be like X.X.X.1/255


This is how it will look after adding the value



Step 9 : If you have more IP addresses to exclude then click on Add condition button


If you have more IP addresses to add condition button



You can keep on adding the IP addresses upto 10 IP addresses in one list


List of IP addresses



Step 10 : Once you are done with adding your IP addresses, click on Create button


Click on create button



Step 11 : You will see the list of rules you created 


ou will see your list of the rules here



Step 12 : As you are done with adding IP addresses. Now the next step is to activate the filter you created. For this go back to your admin page page and click on Data filter


Click on data filters



Step 13 : On Data filters page, click on 3 dot icons


Click on 3 dot icons



Step 14 : Click on Activate filter


Click on activate filter



Step 15 : Confirm the Activate filter on confirmation pop up window


Click on activate filter to confirm



And that’s all…

You are done with adding your IP address you want to exclude and activating the filter.

Please let me know your thoughts and valuable suggestions.



If you prefer video guides, here it is


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