Tools to help you proofread emails (so you never have to scramble to hit unsend)

admin February 5, 2014

You can feel the temperature in your face start to rise. Maybe you were distracted, rushed, or typed the message on the walk to your car – but somehow, you’d messed up. From CC’ing the wrong person and attaching the … Continued

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Optimize your Page, extract the Keywords, calculate their Keyword Rank


Use the Keyword Analyzer to optimize the texts of your website and achieve high Rankings on Search Results. The Keyword Analyzer is an innovative SEO Tool, developed by Web SEO Analytics, that enables you to: 1.    Analyze the content & … Continued

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Git command to set up repo on your local machine i.e. how to take chaeck out from Git repository to your local machine?

admin February 1, 2014

If you use Git repo with the help of BitBucket and you want to take check out from git repository to your local machine use following steps and commands: 1. navigate to directory where you want to set up repository … Continued

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admin January 18, 2014

Using a coming soon page with description is better than having an empty or unreachable page.

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SEO Tip: How to increase Google ranking and user traffic on your site.


Quality of design always matter. If your site is eye catching and attractive people will come at it again and again. It must be appealing and must clearly tell what about this site is. The site flow must be very … Continued

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jquery error : $ is not defined

admin January 5, 2014 javascript jquery

This problem has two questions :- Q1 : What is jquery? And :- It’s the framework of javascript. it means some function are defined in javascript language to get done task easily. Now let’s think something about other language like … Continued

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