Top 10 Square Fonts for Designers

admin February 11, 2014 design develop font graphic web

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer or a print designer, you will need great fonts to work well with your ideas. We want to help you get better and better in design and that is why we searched the … Continued

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How to Create a Colorful Business Layout

admin February 8, 2014 design develop layout psd theme tool web

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to create a colorful business layout. If you’re a member, you can download the PSD Layout for this tutorial at the bottom of the page –       Before I … Continued

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SEO TIP : PageRank Sculpting: You can still use rel=nofollow

PageRank Sculpting: You can still use rel=nofollow   Some months ago Google changed the way that treats the nofollowed links. This new policy causes massive problems to all the sites that use the nofollow attribute as it affects the way … Continued

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How to set CSS3 Border-Radius with Slash Syntax

admin February 7, 2014 code css css3 design develop html5

What could I possibly say about the CSS3 border-radius property that hasn’t been said before? Well, I can’t claim that anything I’ll be saying in this article will be completely new to anyone who regularly reads articles covering front-end technologies. Setting CSS3 … Continued

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20 Ways To Promote Yourself As A Web Designer

Web Designers can often find it hard to get their name out there, and begin getting clients. Promotion doesn’t always have to cost money. I have compiled a list of how web designers can promote themselves, and get their name … Continued

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10 Secret Secrets to Quickly Become a Great Web Designer

There was a time, not so long ago, when business was good for designers. Jobs were plentiful, and being a “good” designer was good enough. Then the economy tanked, and the world was thrown into a nasty recession. Many businesses … Continued

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10 tips on how to optimize your Video Marketing campaign

The 10 commandments of Video Marketing   Internet users’ search for online video content is growing exponentially. Indeed, people are usually attracted by videos and are more likely to remember and refer to a video than to any other form … Continued

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Applying XSLT Transforms For Responsive Web Design

To average web development company, it sounds controversial until you hear the punchline: Last summer, the developers in charge of Google’s Chrome browser floated a proposal that went virtually unnoticed by the technology press, which was to remove support for … Continued

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How To Make a Flash Button


Interactive web pages and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are one of the best areas of Flash. Making these applications requires a moderate amount of ActionScript knowledge along with the know-how of making the User Interface. In this tutorial I am … Continued

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10 Awesome jQuery and HTML5 Audio Players

admin February 5, 2014

Want to play audio on your website? These jQuery and HTML5 Audio Players plugins will be very useful to you. They’re great for fullscreen websites which use audio to create a certain mood or feel or for band and DJ’s websites. Need … Continued

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