Google Is Sending Project Fi Subscribers This Brilliant Lego Kit

The present has arrived with some of Google’s early customers ready to make in the colors of its mobile operator brand. Project Fi, Google’s network-of-networks, piggybacks on the infrastructure of existing mobile operators and looks like the most comprehensive offer … Continued

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‘Facebook At Work’ Gets Its Own Messaging App

admin November 23, 2015

Ifyou are waiting for “Facebook At Work” to come to your workstation so that you can work closely with colleagues, now get ready for another feature that you would never like to miss: Work Chat. Dubbed as the version of … Continued

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How Indian Firms Are Trying To Survive Global Slump In Ad Tech

Companies such as InMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd and Tyroo Technologies have shifted to enable e-commerce through product discovery, a move that puts them in direct competition with Google and Facebook. Photo: Bloomberg As Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. continue to … Continued

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Facebook Craze Drops Among Hyderabad Teens: TCS Survey

HYDERABAD: Craze of popular social networking site Facebook has witnessed a drop among city youngsters with 83 per cent using it against 91 per cent last year, a TCSBSE 1.37 % survey showed. “Facebook leads from the forefront (used by … Continued

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5 Common Traits Of Google’s Best Teams

Google, despite its penchant for childlike imagery and playful work environments, is a massive global company with 60,000 employees and a market cap of $500 billion. In order to stay dominant, it needs top talent, and to maintain top talent, … Continued

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Google To Offer Deep Links To Facebook Content Inside Its Search App

  Anew agreement means Google will be able to index Facebook profiles and other pages from the social network. Only public information will be indexed by Google. They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. Sometimes it’s the same in technology, … Continued

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Gmail Will Soon Alert You If You Receive Unencrypted Emails

admin Google news

The giant search engine will also launch new in-product warnings for Gmail users, alerting them when they receive emails through non-encrypted connections. Google is trying to make email more secure for everyone. “While these threats do not affect Gmail to Gmail communication, they may … Continued

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Facebook Aims At AI To Sort User Data

admin November 9, 2015 Facebook Update Google SEO News

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook is studying the ancient Chinese game of Go for insights as it works on building an artificial brain — one that it hopes to turn into a virtual personal assistant that can also sort through a mountain … Continued

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3 metrics for effective link audit

When it comes to perform a link auditon our website pages for reasons such as to find out why our site has been penalized or to figure out why a competitor ranks above us for a particular keyword phrase, it … Continued

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Build high Quality Backlinks with the new Backlink Hunter tool

admin May 15, 2014 backlink link building SEM SEO SMO

Find Quality Backlinks, Improve your Link Building Strategy & Discover new Affiliations The Backlink Hunter is a powerful Link Building tool that helps you find, evaluate and create high Quality Backlinks.   The tool allows you to search through a … Continued

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