Learn PHP 7, Find out What’s New, and More

admin December 12, 2015 Software Wedvelopment

Now that PHP 7 has been released, it’s time to catch up with what this new major version has to offer. In this tutorial from SitePoint you can learn about what the latest features and changes are in this release (including what … Continued

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Google Slowly Migrating Gmail Users To ‘Inbox’?

Is Google planning to kill Gmail? The company reportedly has started notifying users of its experimental ‘Inbox By Gmail’ service that the new service has replaced their Gmail account. According to Forbes, the pop-up appears when Inbox users login and … Continued

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Facebook Lifts Ban On Contentrival Social Network Tsu

SAN FRANCISCO:F acebook has lifted a ban that blocked material from Tsu.co, a small rival challenging the world’s largest social network’s financial dependence on free content shared by its 1.5 billion users. The reversal comes a month after The Associated … Continued

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A Google Director Explains How Your Smartphone Will Look In Five Years

Google Now director Aparna Chennapragada announces ‘Now On Tap’ during the 2015 Google I/O conference on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco, California. How will smartphones look in five years? Business Insider posed this question to Aparna Chennapragada, a Google … Continued

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Facebook activates Safety Check feature in Chennai

Social networking giant Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature in Chennai. The website activated the feature early Thursday morning. The Safety Check feature allows people to mark themselves as “safe” from the floods. Facebook’s Safety Check tool sends users … Continued

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Mozilla Identifying Home For Thunderbird As It Focuses On Firefox

To better focus on Firefox and its other products, the Mozilla Foundation decided in 2012 to address the on-going stability of the open-source Thunderbird email client rather than new development, which was passed on to volunteer developers. The rationale for … Continued

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The beauty of digital advertising is that any size company can get their feet wet. Only have $500 to spend on advertising? No problem! Have no idea where to start with this AdWords stuff? That’s not really an issue with … Continued

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Dennis Ritchie, creator of C, bids “goodbye, world”

Each day since Dennis Ritchie passed away my 1978 copy of “K&R” — The C Programming Language, by Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie — has glared balefully at me asking why I haven’t written something about his effect on my professional … Continued

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The Two Flavors of a ‘One Web’ Approach: Responsive vs. Adaptive

You’ve probably heard people say we’re living in a “post-PC world.” What does that mean for Fusion Vegas web developers? It means that 30% to 50% of your website’s traffic now comes from mobile devices. It means that soon, desktop … Continued

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Google Gets 348,085 ‘Forget’ Requests In Europe

SAN FRANCISCO: Since a top European court ruled people have a right to be forgotten online, Google has received 348,085 requests for tidbits to vanish from search results. Silicon Valley-based Google, a subsidiary of newly-created parent company Alphabet, complied with … Continued

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