5 things you need to be a great UX designer

admin February 1, 2016

A successful designer is able to combine thorough understanding of a product’s functionality with the requirements of the user Nishant Jain Being a User Experience (UX) designer is both challenging and exciting. The sheer amount of information one needs to … Continued

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Open Source Software Went Nuclear This Year

OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE—SOFTWARE freely shared with the world at large—is an old idea. A guy named Richard Stallman started preaching the gospel in the early ’80s, though he called it free software. Linus Torvalds started work on Linux, the enormously successful … Continued

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Technology Doesn’t Move As Fast As People Think

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. will probably benefit most from the coming wave of financial technology disruption, rather than being supplanted by startups driving the change, according to an Autonomous Research survey. The two firms have … Continued

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India Is A Slow Data Market: Google Knows It, And You Should Too 268V

admin December 28, 2015

The conversation about Internet connectivity in India has been confined to the rise of 4G for a while now. Telcos like Airtel and Vodafone have already started 4G services in various cities, while everyone awaits Reliance Jio’s entry, hoping it … Continued

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Facebook Is Misleading Indians With Its Full-page Ads About Free Basics


Today it has ads around India saying “What net neutrality activists won’t tell you”. I’m a net neutrality activist and I’m happy to tell you anything you’d like to know. In fact, we’re a small group, working unpaid, taking breaks … Continued

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Why Microsoft’s PowerApps is FrontPage for the app age

Earlier this month Microsoft, the company that brought the WISIWIG web page builder FrontPage to market in 1997 announced the availability of PowerApps, a codeless application development platform that enables non-developers to create apps for web and mobile. As web … Continued

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Facebook introduces new embedded video player API and support for oEmbed standard

In Order to help developers and publishers make their websites more social and engaging, Facebook has introduced a new embedded video player API and support for the oEmbed standard. Facebook users interact with videos, articles, posts and photos on the … Continued

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What Happens When Google, Facebook And Twitter Go Down

    1.Google: We know, we know, just how does the largest, most commonly used search engine in the world, go down? Is it even possible? Has it happened before? Well, the answer to that is affirmative, even though you … Continued

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844 Social Media Pages Blocked In India This Year

NEW DELHI: The number of social media pages blocked by the government for carrying objectionable content rose to 844 till November this year, the Parliament has been informed. Out of the total, the government blocked 492 web pages under Section … Continued

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Experts Predict What 2016 Will Bring For Devops And IT

As the holidays approach, tech vendors and the tech media love to analyze the year in review and speculate about what next year will look like. I recently had a chance to talk with a few experts and gather their … Continued

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