Gmail Will Soon Alert You If You Receive Unencrypted Emails

admin November 17, 2015 Google news

The giant search engine will also launch new in-product warnings for Gmail users, alerting them when they receive emails through non-encrypted connections.

Google is trying to make email more secure for everyone.

“While these threats do not affect Gmail to Gmail communication, they may affect messaging between providers”. Google acknowledges the importance of privacy and security to its massive userbase that is why the company has worked with University of MI and University of IL to develop a system that can warn the receiver if an incoming email was sent from an unencrypted connection.

These warnings will begin to roll-out in the coming months, Google added, saying that all email services, Gmail included, depend on the trust of their users. The online security team of Google has announced that an update will be available soon and its main objective will be safeguard the information ofGmail users from security challenges online.

To this end, the number of encrypted emails received by Gmail from non-Gmail senders during the period increased from 33% to 61%. Emails sent fromGmail to other providers are encrypted 82 percent of the time whereas emails sent from a Gmail address to another Gmail address are always encrypted, reported TechTimes. Phishing and email scams are not something new and have been around the corner since long however, Google’s new feature would warn users of unsecure connections thus reducing the chances of being scammed and phished.

In a blog post, Gmail’s anti-fraud and abuse research expert, Elie Bursztein, and security engineering lead, Nicolas Lidzborski, wrote: “We found regions of the internet actively preventing message encryption by tampering with requests to initiate SSL connections”.

“While this type of attack is rare, it’s very concerning as it could allow attackers to censor or alter messages before they are relayed to the email recipient”, Bursztein and Lidzborski said in the post.


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